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We are 2 friends Shanti Paragh & Alex Krijger.
In 2004 Hwa Rang DoŽ Vlissingen / Netherlands will exist 10 years. We brought up the idea to organise something special to celebrate this event, namely an Asian Festival on the beautiful boulevard of Vlissingen. 

History in short:
In 1992 during an holiday of Alex at Shanti's in the Philippines –who at time was working there- Shanti could convince Alex in one lesson of the completion of the Korean martial art Hwa Rang Do ('the way from child to adulthood). Soon enough Shanti thought of introducing this art in the Netherlands. For him it was clear that  Alex was the best candidate for this. Early 1994 the Philippine instructor Henry Duguil came to Vlissingen to train Alex personally. A start was made. After 6 months of intensive training there seem to be enough materials to found an association.

Instr. Duguil had to return home and Shanti came back to the Netherlands quickly after. The association was soon a fact. Because of his work and place of residence  Shanti could not join the association intensively. He was made an honorary member and from that position he kept on advising the management.
Alex continued his training in Germany (Castrop Rauxel), at that time the headquarter HRD of Europe. In 1996 he travelled to the US (Los Angeles, World Headquarter HRD) to train there under the founder of Hwa Rang DoŽ, Dr.Joo Bang Lee. In the same year he gained his 1st Dan black belt. Meanwhile he has the 3d Dan.

Because of the interest from habitants of Hoek we tried to found an association there. The distance seemed to be an obstacle to continue this initiative. Shortly after there was interest from another place Bergen op Zoom, where in the meantime a satisfactory association has been founded. At this moment we are examining the possibilities to set up an establishment in Middelburg.

Eventually partly due to the developments and the good relationship WHRDA plans to trust the headquarter of Europe to HRD Vlissingen.

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